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Improve your job prospects with our professional cover letter writing services,
expertly aligning your skills with your career goals.

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    Advance your job search with our cover letter writing, sharpening focus on your key
    skills and career targets for better interview outcomes.

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    $ 30

    A Custom-written cover letter for multiple job applications!

    • Custom Cover Letter made by Industry Experts
    • Editable & Multipurpose for All Jobs
    • Multiple Formats (Word, PDF, Doc)
    • Lifetime Backup & Revisions
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    $ 50

    Different cover letters with specific job applications

    to help you apply easily, quickly!

    • Up to 3 Different Custom Cover Letters as per your Job Applications
    • Executive & Dedicated Cover Letter Makers - Best in the Industry
    • Keyword Optimization for Better Search Results & Offers
    • 24/7 Chat & Phone Support
    • Lifetime Backup & Revision

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    We recruit top-tier 100 dollars resume, known for turning career histories into job offers. Their skill has enabled countless professionals globally to achieve success.

    Arthur Reed

    Arthur Reed

    CV Writer

    Arthur Reed is a passionate CV writer dedicated to empowering professionals with impactful CVs. Arthur has a keen eye for detail and a vision for client’s success. He is an expert in drafting customized documents that effectively communicate your skills and experience.

    Joe Broome

    Cover Letter Writer

    Joe Broome specializes in composing impact cover letters that highlight your qualifications and aspirations. With a focus on clarity and impact, Joe ensures your application stands out. Let Joe help you present yourself in the best possible light and secure your dream job.

    Abigail Bryce

    Abigail Bryce

    Linked Profile Writer

    Abigail Bryce excels in creating impactful LinkedIn profiles that effectively communicate your overall expertise. She drafts profiles that authentically represent your skills and achievements. She knows how to best use her experience in PR, digital marketing, and career coaching.

    Scott Jonas

    Jonah Harrison

    Federal Resume Writer

    Jonah Harrison is a master in drafting resumes ideal for federal and state job applications. With extensive experience in government recruitment and compliance, Jonah ensures clients' resumes meet the specific requirements of these roles.

    Jonah Harrison

    Scott Jonas

    Military Resume Writer

    Scott Jonas specializes in drafting resumes tailored for military professionals seeking positions in the Army or Navy. Scott's dedication to accuracy ensures that clients are well-prepared to transition smoothly into civilian or continued military careers.

    Abigail Bryce

    Gillian Brown

    Executive Resume Writer

    Gillian Brown is renowned for her expertise in drafting executive and C-level resumes. With a distinguished background in HR and a deep understanding of corporate dynamics, Gillian has honed her resume-writing skills for C-level executives.

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      Increase your job success chances 8x times with our cover letter writing service.
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      Be noticed & shortlisted easily by companies & recruiters!
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      Get your cover letter drafted by an expert belonging to the same field as yours.
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      Quick cover letter writing service with on-time document delivery.
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      Most affordable & expert cover letter writers are available!
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    Our online cover letter writing process is fast, simple, and completely digital.
    Just follow a few easy steps right at your fingertips!

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    Fill in an online form through a provided link, and attach your details, old Cover Letter & any special instructions as well. This won't take more than 2 minutes!
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    Your cover letter consultant will get in touch with you over text/phone to get your cover letter started as per your instructions & inspirations!
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    We never ask for your bank payment card details. We provide a secure payment link so you can pay via your Debit/Credit card. It's online, easy & 100% safe!
    Your order will be ready, proofread, gone in quality control & then delivered right to your email
    Why Writing a Good Cover Letter is Necessary?

    Why Writing a Good Cover Letter is Necessary?

    A good cover letter is essential because it significantly influences recruiters' decisions. Surveys indicate that 68% of recruiters favor applicants who include a cover letter. Even if not mandatory, 83% of recruiters still expect them with job applications. This document offers a unique opportunity to directly address potential employers, highlighting your enthusiasm and fitting your skills to their needs. It goes beyond a mere formality, serving as a crucial tool to link your experiences with the job's requirements, thereby enhancing your chances of securing an interview as you explain what makes you special for the particular role.

    Importance of Tips for Writing a Cover Letter

    The cover letter writing tips are key to a successful job application which often lies in writing a creative cover letter, particularly when making a career change. This type of cover letter shows your confidence and it’s an opportunity to paint a picture of your potential, beyond just listing skills and experiences. For those shifting careers, a cover letter is crucial to explain this change, shining a light on transferable skills which is very common with C-level professionals who are eager to hire our executive writers. A well-written cover letter can open up new avenues, for you to change lanes in your professional life.

    Importance of Tips for Writing a Cover Letter
    Affordable Cover Letter Writing Service - Free Revisions!

    Affordable Cover Letter Writing Service - Free Revisions!

    Looking for an affordable way to boost your job application? Our cover letter writing service focuses on creating impactful letters for your job applications, at a price that fits your budget. Plus, we offer free revisions to ensure your satisfaction and you can also look for our federal resume service. Writing a cover letter for a job application becomes a breeze with our support. We work with you to capture the essence of your professional attributes, making sure your application resonates with potential employers. Boost your job application, backed by the assurance of free revisions for that perfect final touch.

    Writing the Perfect Cover Letter - Expert Writers

    Writing a professional cover letter is not a piece of cake for everyone that’s why it’s important to hire expert CPRW cover letter writers. Our CPRW experts are skilled in writing a cover letter for a job with a high success rate despite the job requirements or credentials of the applicant. Get the perfect cover letter with our expert writers as they specialize in creating letters that properly define your qualifications, and strengths while aligning them with your job hunt strategy, ensuring your job application makes a lasting impression on potential employers or recruiters without any concern.

    Writing the Perfect Cover Letter - Expert Writers

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Feel free to ask anything related to our services, pricing, work procedure, terms & timelines, directly with our career consultants, or customer support team. Chat with us Live or Send a Text or Call at (872) 250-2700. We are here for you all the time!

    We know what recruiters are looking for and how to present yourself on paper to maximize opportunities. We will review your cover letter for free, to provide:

    • Free, confidential, personalized evaluation from trusted experts
    • Objective feedback on layout, language, and how well your resume communicates your skills and expertise
    • Personalized recommendations on how to make your Cover Letter stronger

    Send us your resume for a free review now, and we will give you a personalized expert review within 2 business days.

    Yes. We need all the necessary information to design an excellent cover letter for you. To provide us with the details for your cover letter, you can give us either a copy of your current cover letter or fill out the cover letter form on our website. You may even do both. To do so, just click on the Continue tab after confirming all your payment details. This will enable you to upload your current cover letter or fill out the cover letter form provided. Furthermore, you can send additional information and instructions to our email at [email protected] or you can provide them to one of our online Support Representatives.

    Absolutely! Our services cater to all career levels, from entry-level to executive positions. We adapt the tone and content of your cover letter to suit your career stage and target role.

    We are committed to your satisfaction. If the initial draft doesn’t meet your expectations, we offer revisions to ensure your cover letter accurately represents you and aligns with your career objectives.

    For preparing your cover letter, we need details about your professional background, the job you’re applying for, and any specific points you want to highlight. Any additional insights about your career goals are also helpful.

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